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Galicia Tapas
575 West 207th Street
New York, NY 10034

Telephone: (646) 678 5132

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Over 30 Years at Your Service!

Spanish and International Food. Specialists in Caldo Gallego, Sancocho, Paellas and Seafood. Try our Spanish Tapas Menu

A Unique Atmosphere

Specialists Caldo Gallego 7 days a week, Sancocho, Paellas and Seafood. All kinds of breakfast meats and poultry. Spanish and International food.

Enjoy a unique atmosphere: comfortable and familiar. Come and enjoy the festival Friday night with live music bolero and enjoy with friends.

The Galicia 2 Restaurant we are all welcome and you will always have a friend to share a good glass of Spanish wine.

The Best Caldo Gallego in New York!

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575 West 207th Street. New York, NY 10034